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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Super-Hero Stick-Ons - 1974

As a follow-up to Tuesday's post on the Super-Hero Stick-Ons ad, F.O.A.M.er Jon Helfenstein sent me these big, close-up pics of the stickers themselves, still minty-fresh in their plastic sleeves!

Interesting(?) that the ad calls these "Super-Hero" stick-ons, but they are actually labeled as "Super-Friend" stick-ons. Heck, if you paid for it, might as well use it.

Jon is quite the fan of stickers of all sorts, which you can see over at his blog The Fleer Sticker Project. In fact, if you click here, you can see some shots of the stick-ons in action. Thanks Jon!


Russell said...

These are sweet. I still have my Murphy Anderson Aquaman that I had stuck to the side of a box where I kept my comics.

I really liked the revised versions that came out in 1977 or so. Those were based on the Neal Adams pics from the 1976 calendar. Those were TRULY sweet!!

Aaron said...

I love that version of Supergirl's costume...I mean who'd wear a skirt flying? Hot pants, that's where it's at! I've got the Justice fig of her, basically the same thing except boots like Superman.

Russell said...

PS I guess you're right, Rob, that Green Arrow IS by Murphy Anderson. I stand corrected.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I always wanted these. I've never seen that Robin pose where he's in front of the classic Anderson Batman-pulling-his-cape pose. Robin looks to be drawn by Infantino? Maybe he drew the Batman pose, and Anderson inked it? It's hard to tell in just a static pose.

Thanks for posting these Rob (and thanks for sending them Jon!). I've wondered what the real deals looked like for over 30 years!