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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cover to Cover: Best of DC Digest #52

Another digest cover, this time a big group shot to celebrate that year's "Best of" compilation (a lost art nowadays, I always looked forward to DC's year-end greatest hits assemblage, mainly because there were so many comics I missed).

Its a big party for the stars of the DCU, so of course Aquaman was invited, even if he had no dog in this particular hunt--the stories chosen were from New Teen Titans, Blackhawk, Amethyst, Legion of Super-Heroes, Sgt. Rock, Swamp Thing, and Detective Comics.

Cover art by Paris Cullins and the late, great Dick Giordano.


Aaron said...

This is an important one for me! I read my first Legion story here, did not know what was going on - like what was a Durlan? Now I'm a Legion addict. Blackhawk - sort of a weird sequence about a kid after a nuclear holocaust with a fatalistic poem, I remember that part better than the story. The Titans - Raven soothes a guy going off his rocker with a gun. Sgt. Rock - creepy ventriloquist dummy. Swamp Thing - girlfriend eats a part of himself and they have bizarre hallucinations (scene used in the Swamp Thing Returns), and Amethyst - first Amethyst story from her first issue - also a title I've also come to love. I forget the Detective one. I hope I got that right and I'm not mixed up!

rob! said...

Aaron--Good memory, those are the stories!

That Evanier/Spiegle run on Blackhawk is really underrated.

Russell said...

Wait, if the JLA isn't involved, then while aren't Sgt Rock, Swamp Thing, or any Legionnaires on this cover? And who the heck are those crashers on the right? And why is Batman shaking Green Arrow's hand? I'm confused. :-)

rob! said...

All those guys are on the back cover (with Swamp Thing waiting tables!!)

I do not know who those guys are on the right. Also, who's the guy on the left in the green mask?!?

Aaron said...

I'm gonna guess the green mask is Earth-2 Robin, I think he was sporting that look for a while.

Shawn said...

I can't believe that you failed to make mention of which hero appears under the word 'winner'!
Even though he doesn't have a story in this issue Superman (and the artist) know who the 'winner' is!