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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Super Friends Centerpiece

I saw this party centerpiece for sale on eBay, and even though I didn't buy it I couldn't resist grabbing the image for the Shrine.

While I was very familiar with the Super Friends party decoration set featuring Alex Toth's classic stock art, I don't think I've ever seen this later set, which dates around the early 1980s--those are almost all Ross Andru poses (except for Batman, which is Jose Luis Garcia Lopez). Still very spiffy--Aquaman in particular looks like he's in a real hurry not to miss the party!


Aaron said...

Wait - would this be celebrating my birthday or the birthday of the Super Friends? I'm confused :) Haha, cool piece for a great show! Aquaman's pose is quite unusual and original

Earth 2 Chris said...

A modified version of that art (with a Ross Andru Batman and some additional reposing) was used on the Super Friends Special comic. I won it through a Post cereals contest!