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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aquaman Header Original Art by Craig Hamilton

A few weeks ago a wonderful surprise was waiting for me in my mailbox--this piece of original Aquaman art by Craig Hamilton! Wow!

This little Aquaman-and-wave combo was originally done for the new logo adorning the 1986 mini-series, but someone along the line must have decided to take Aquaman off it, keeping just the wave:

The Aquaman figure didn't completely go to waste, being used in issue #2's editorial column header, albeit partly obscured:

I'm not sure what I did to deserve such generosity (who has already been extremely generous with me, in both his time and talent), but nevertheless I'm overjoyed to own this little piece of Aqua-arcana. You can click the top image to get a better look at it, and see all the wonderful detail Craig put into even this tiny little drawing. Thanks Craig!

(Btw, check out Craig's newest project, a homegrown superhero starring in his own syndicated comic strip named Macon Man!)


Siskoid said...

I like that Craig is basically keeping the camo-suit Aquaman alive through the Shrine.

Wings1295 said...

That is just awesome, Rob!

matthew jones said...

That's a lovely piece of art. Always nice to see something by Craig Hamilton.

IADW said...

What a cool thing to receive, Rob!