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Monday, August 09, 2010

Hostess Ad "Pirates' Gold" Original Art

A few weeks ago, F.O.A.M.er Jon Knutson sent me some cool scans of original art, all featuring Aquaman, none more unusual than this--an original Hostess Ad page!

I don't know how many of these Hostess ads have ever been conclusively credited, art-wise, but this one looks like a Curt Swan and Vince Colletta combo to me. Obviously, over time the paste-up of the Twinkies seen on the final version has since fallen off, leaving an ugly brown rubber cement stain, a blight many artists know well.

Thanks Jon!


Jon K said...

My pleasure, as always, Rob!

Wings1295 said...

Very cool! And looks like a Twinkie got smashed on the scanner there. Hah!

Russell said...

I always loved these ads but I never ate more Hostess stuff because of them. I was a fat kid and I knew to stay away from them.

mattthew jones said...

Very cool. I would love to own some original Hostess ads art.