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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hostess Ad - "Pirates' Gold"

We haven't run a Hostess ad in a long while, and right now I've got hankerin' for Hostess' golden delicious treat, so now's a good time.

Like the rest of the Aquaman Hostess ads, they were drawn by Curt Swan and most likely inked by Vince Colletta(Marvel experimented a bit more, artist-wise, with their Hostess ads).

Being able to tell any kind of story(even one where Aquaman and Aqualad don't really do anything) in just one page is amazing, and I would love to see DC or Marvel do stuff like this again...but maybe for something a little healthier.


Doug said...

What's healthier than Twinkies? They help your complexion, keep your wasteline sturdy and provide the body's much needed daily dose of preservatives.

The Hostess ads were CLASSIC. I've been digging through older comics quite a bit lately and have found some real Hostess gems.

Anonymous said...

If DC or Marvel did Hostess-type ads now, they'd be spread over 12 parts and go nowhere, someone would have to die, someone's sexual orientation would change out of the blue, and then everyone would forget they ever ate a Hostess Twinkie in the first place.


Because you gotta think TPB!!!


Aaron said...

What could be better than Twinkies found buried on the Ocean floor??