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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Supergirl Cookies - 1984

I'm still hungry, even after yesterday's Hostess run, so let's talk about something F.O.A.M. member Ilke Hincer sent me: these photos of a box of Supergirl brand cookies, something I had no idea existed! Thanks Ilke!

On the back of the boxes were stills from the movie, so I guess it only makes sense to try and market some solo Supergirl merchandise. But having looked at this kind of stuff for so many years, it looks so odd to see Supergirl placed in front of Superman, on anything.

Surprisingly, Aquaman made it onto the front panel of the Supergirl cookies, something he couldn't quite pull-off on the regular Superheroes brand from 1982:


Diabolu Frank said...

I remember "Super Heroes" cookies. I specifically recall that box. Tasty nostalgia.

Anonymous said...

Yet the Penguin can make the front of both boxes.

Anonymous said...

That George Perez artwork from 1982 was so cool. I wish it had been used more.

Anonymous said...

George Perez did NOT do the artwork for those. Joe Luis Garcia Lopez did. He did art for a 'bible' of art stills that was used (and is still used today) for shirts, calendars, cookie boxes, etc.

Anonymous said...

George did the front of the Super Heroes box (and the sides). It's definitely George. Looks like Dick Giordano did the artwork for the Aquaman Super Hero box back, and also the art for the Supergirl cookies. It's adapted from an earlier piece he did for a DC poster book in the 70s that was used on mercandising in the late 70s/early 80s. Garcia Lopez DID provide some artwork for the Super Heroes cookie box back panels, but not all of them.