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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Super Friends #4 - April 1977

Comics Weekend "Riddles and Rockets" by E. Nelson Bridwell, Ramona Fradon, and Bob Smith.

We haven't talked about an issue of Super Friends in a long while, and there's a couple of them on my shelf, so let's dig in!

If you noticed that all the Super Friends save Aquaman appear on the cover, then you're not alone. When I bought this issue via eBay I assumed it had no significance to the story inside, but the splash page confirms what the cover hints at:
"Aquaman will be along later in the story"? *Sigh* Oh well, let's make the best of what we've got...

This issue opens with Batman and Robin trying to apprehend the super-villain (more villain than super, really) Skyrocket. But thanks to his powerful jetpack, he gets away.

The Dynamic Duo then head for the Hall of Justice, where the other Super Friends are...again, save Aquaman. Batman notices:

The case involving Skyrocket is tabled when the Troubalert displays a message from The Riddler, who has one of his patented brain-twisters for his arch-foe.

This upcoming crime spree of The Riddler ends up involving Skyrocket--The Riddler is none too happy about having another villainous rival, so he used his riddles to tip off the Super Friends as to where Skyrocket was.

Finally, Skyrocket attempts a heist aboard a cargo ship, and when he engages Superman, The Man of Steel pretends to cower and fear and fly away, out to sea, where--at last--the Sea King shows up:
Yep, that's it...Aquaman appears in all of two panels in this issue!

Normally I'd yell "rip off!" but pretty much any issue of Super Friends drawn by the incomparable Ms. Fradon is worth reading, so the best thing to do is simply move on to another issue, and hope Aquaman plays a larger role. I have other issues of the series on my shelf, so that will happen pretty soon.

Sadly for Skyocket, this seems to be his one and only appearance in the DCU. Many are called, few are chosen.


CarlosMucha said...

WOW! This Super-Friends issue is VERY important for Me.

This was one of my first comic book ever!

This was published in Argentina in the collection of the "Superamigos" (Super-Friends) in the #1. Yes. The Argentina edition begin with this issue!.

They used to put many Covers draw (or copy) from "artists" from the place, and this issue came with one of those "Custom" covers. Here is the original Argentinian cover for "Super Amigos 1" that contain the Super-Friends 4 inside:



CarlosMucha said...

You can read up in the cover: "Acertijos y cohetes!" ("riddlers and rockets") the title of this issue.

JasonMotesBowles said...

At least, Skyrocket can take solace in not being as lame as the Human Flying Fish.

Russell said...

My LEAST favorite Super Friends issue.
'Nuff said.

Randy said...

I don't know. I kind of like it. I first read it in one of those digests DC put out back in the late 70s/early 80s. I still have it, in fact.

I like how it's Aquaman who is called in to save the day at the end. He may not have had a big role in the story, but at least he took care of Skyrocket in the end.

rob! said...


JMB--At least the HFF made multiple appearances. You have to give him that.

Russell---Because of the lack of Aquaman?

Randy--Good point, but I still missed him through the story. :(