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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Showcase #100 Extra!

Two Saturdays ago I did an all-encompassing post on Showcase #100, one my all-time favorite single issue superhero comics, co-written by Shrine Patron Saint Paul Kupperberg and featuring Aquaman.

At least, at the time, I thought it was all-encompassing; less than a week or so later I was going through some files and found this edition of The Daily Planet which features a prominent write-up on the book. Dang!

As if on cue, the next day Paul then sent me an email where he found this blurb on the book in Amazing World of DC Comics #14:
Steve Englehart? Paul says, "I didn't recall Paul and I were second choice on this project...!"

I guess whoever wrote this blurb was overdoing it a bit. Obviously Steve Englehart wasn't quite the only one who could tell such a tale...

Great catch, thanks Paul!


Russell said...

To me it always sounded as if it was an editing mistake; like the copy editor cut and pasted the wrong bit at the end. Because, really, that whole last bit sounds like a description of the retelling of the JLA origin from JLA 144, don't you think?

Joe Slab said...

Gosh this makes me miss spinner racks at 7-11 and comics of the 70's.

Following up on your comment about how comics have slowed down these days Rob, I imagine that if the story in Showcase #100 was told today it would take 8-12 issues with a bunch of tie ins and mini-series as well...

rob! said...

Russell--It does sound a bit like that, doesn't it?

Joe--Absolutely. The story of Showcase #100 would fill a TPB nowadays.