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Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Panel of The Day #4



Airship Over Water said...

Is that Garth and Tula at a concert? That's cool.

And RIP Garth. As much as I want you back alive, it might be better that you're dead right now. I mean, look at the position of the other Titans right now --

*Wally West has done next to nothing for the past year since the return of Barry. One of his children almost died, the other lost his powers, and then he was told by Zoom that one of his children would turn on him in the future.

*Roy Harper -- where to start? He lost an arm. He lost his daughter. He's suffering from erectile dysfunction (*see Rise of Arsenal #3). And now he's a full fledged villain.

*Donna Troy -- well, she hasn't done anything extremely noteworthy lately.

*Dick Grayson, while he is Batman, is getting ready to move aside so Bruce can come back. And it's only been like, what, a year?

Sorry about the long post. I really miss Garth, but all the Titans are getting the shaft. Yet, this is a tried and true argument that has been done hundreds of times over. I'm just beating a dead horse. If someone at DC would just "admit" it, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

Or maybe I'm just being negative?

Nonetheless, it sucks you're gone Garth. Hopefully that "revolving door" of death won't stay closed forever for you.

David J. Cutler said...

I think Dick is doing okay for himself, Airship--but yeah, Roy. Yeesh.

R Duncan said...

That's easy. Teen Titans #30.

"Roy Harper -- erectile dysfunction"???

Until they bring back the CCA, I'll never encourage a child to read comics.

Dene said...

I just wonder what need Tula has for high heels in the water-!?! LOL

Actually, I remember loving this Titans story-!!!

Anonymous said...

Are they going to kill off Garth in Tiny Titans too? ;)

Bribaby said...

Airship Over Water said: "Sorry about the long post. I really miss Garth, but all the Titans are getting the shaft."
Apparently not Arsenal.

And I always wondered how Tula maintained that flip when she was submerged in water most of the time.

images2icons said...

LOL! Bribaby, while your at it, I wonder why Atlanteans would even need hair? I know Rob is a big fan of comic book science, so heres a challenge Rob! Find some scientific proof as to why Atlanteans would continue to have hair even though they live underwater. And no! "They evolved from humans and kept the trait." is not an answer, they would have evolved away from it, and they have been down there a long time. I used to get so confuzzled over the atlanteans that look basically human as oppose dto those like Lori Lemaris who have a tail. LOL!

rob! said...

I was planning on doing a contest relating to these Random Panels, but these are turning out to be way more popular than I imagined and some of you are sort of out-doing me in the comments.

I'll be announcing soon what it is I plan to do, and hopefully increase the rate of how often I post a new RPOTD installment!

rob! said...

Chris--You got me on the hair thing.

David J. Cutler said...

@R Duncan--while I'll agree DC needs to adopt a ratings system like the marvel books (and also make marvel style decisions about what levels of violence work with what characters) the CCA was a pretty useless relic. My first DC comic was Superman vol 2 #70--a Superman/Robin team up book with a frightening Satan figure, violence and blood (even on the cover) and a scene where a man commits suicide but is saved by a naked woman he believes to be an angel but actually unintentionally sells his soul to the devil or something. This was a book with a code sticker on the cover.

What's more, no one knew what it meant. My mom certainly didn't, because she's not a comic nerd. Until I read more about it in Wizard years later, I believed it to be a seal of quality control.

Tempest127 said...

Interesting question about Atlanteans and their hair, but even the Tritonians (the mer-colony) and similar mer-folk with tails throughout the DCU all have common humanoid qualities such as head and chest hair as well as ears and noses like their ancestors so as to be "accessible" to the readership. J'onn J'onzz has his fans but the bald look doesn't go over as well for everyone else (especially cute girls like Tula).

This story was one of a few cute attempts to showcase Tula and Garth in short stories which would bring in the Teen Titans fans. Loved 'em!

Luis said...

For the answer to the question regarding why do some Atlanteans have legs and others tails like Lori Lemaris, read The Atlantis Chronicles miniseries, it explains everything.
And by the way, great random panel!

Shellhead said...

Why do they have hair?