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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

JLA-Z: JLA Detroit

F.O.A.M.er Shawn Myers sent me a whole bunch of Aquaman-related scans from the 2003 mini-series JLA-Z, a Who's Who-esque collection of pin-ups and character profiles.

Of course, Aquaman and the JLA's history are forever intertwined, so he shows up a lot in this series (I posted the Aquaman solo entry here). This pin-up focuses on the "JLA Detroit" iteration of the team, featuring spiffy art by Tom Grummett.

Grummett is such a solid superhero artist that its a shame he didn't land the Justice League of America art assignment after original artist Chuck Patton left. His style is perfect for action-based superhero comics, as this pin-up will attest. He even makes Vibe look cool!

Thanks Shawn!


Randy said...

Tom Grummett didn't come onto the art scene until about 1988/89. He did fill-in issues here and there, like Morrison's run on Animal Man, until he took over the art on New Titans. Then Adventures of Superman. He's at Marvel now where he did Exiles and X-Men Forever.

Shawn said...

You're welcome Rob - now can I get my F.O.A.M. certificate? ;-)

rob! said...

Randy--Oh. Oops.

Shawn--I never sent it to you? I'll correct that immediately. Sorry!