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Sunday, August 09, 2009

JLA-Z #1 - Nov. 2003

Comics Weekend JLA-Z was a Who's Who-style series that I somehow missed back when it first came out.

But while buying comics for my Phantom Stranger blog, I bought the third issue (since it featured a PS pin-up), and was impressed at the line-up of diverse talent DC recruited to do the pin-ups.

So I went back and bought the first issue in the series, seeing how Aquaman was represented:
A very nice pin-up, by Aquaman's then-regular artists Patrick Gleason and Christian Alamy; Arthur looks strong and tough, and I'm a sucker for a bright blue sky when you're talking about Aquaman (reminds me of those awesome Ramona Fradon stories from the Silver Age).

Aquaman's origin, as listed here, is the more modern version:
...ah well, can't have it all.

For anyone who's a fan of solid superhero pin-up art, you could do a lot worse than this series. Aside from Aquaman, there are other really beautiful shots in here, like Amazo by Rob Haynes, The Atom by the late great Mike Wieringo, Darkseid by Walt Simonson, and Despero by Dean Haspiel!


Joe Huber said...

I missed these when they came out also. I didn't even know that they existed until I saw them in the quarter bin at my local shop.

Issue 2 features the various incarnations of the various JLA eras, and Aquaman shows up in those as well.

Snapper Carr's entry shows off Aquaman as well.

All in all, the art in these books is pretty cool. My only gripe is that the covers featured more characters than the book contained.

BentonGrey said...

Wow, that's a really pretty Aquaman piece there. It is a shame that they've got that stupid modern origin, but the art is still fantastic. Aquaman just looks SOOO awesome.