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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Aquaman Shrine Goes Viral, Ctd.

Wow, this little cover image I threw together last Saturday really seemed to strike a chord. Since posting it on May 22, the image started bouncing around teh internets. Here are a small sample of some of the places it showed up, usually with an attrition to the Shrine:


Eclectic Banana

Interweb 3000

Dangerous Minds

My Modern Met

United Liberty


Popped Culture

Stranded Kosmonaut

The NY Daily News(!)

One Peg Genius

Jim Smash!!

Buffet Complet

Technology Blogged


Oliver Willis


Sex, Cigars, and Booze


Great White Snark

Absolute Punk


Caffeinated Joe To Go

Content Ninja

Tumbling In The Zeitgeist



Oof! Blog! Aargh!

Dependable Renegade

Untamed Dimensions

Beltway Blips

Swag Like Me

105.3 The Fan

What The F**k Have You Done?

Democratic Underground

Loyal KNG


Humid Beings

My Power Is Beyond Your Understanding

Film School Rejects

The Geek Couch

Lampara Esa Movida

The 17th Man

Graphic Policy


Drake's Way

Wild Ammo


Comic Book Bin


CBR Forums

Suppe Von Slash

Funny Daze

Comics Alliance

Geek Propaganda

SyFy Network

MRod Nation


Daily Sell Out


My Own Private Geekdom

Maniac World


Sacramento News & Review

Byrne Robotics

Portland Mercury

What Had Happen' Was

The Chatterheads


106.5 The Buzz


Chris Cummings' Posterous

The Huffington Post

The Washington Post

Boing Boing

Major Spoilers



Frank 151

Bleeding Cool

Forex Trading Lifestyle

Neon Monster

On top of that, the Shrine's audience went up 400% between Monday, May 31, and yesterday, June 1. Of course, much of that audience will disappear after that one day spike, but hopefully the Shrine will be able to keep a couple of those new visitors!

If you find the Aquaman Shrine BP cover on a blog or site not listed above, leave a comment and let us know so I can add it to the list!

Post Script: One thing I wanted to add, for anyone visiting the site who isn't a die-hard Aquaman fan: I've seen this cover attributed to me and the Shrine exclusively.

Yes, the idea is mine and I did the Photoshop work, but the original cover art is by legendary illustrator Nick Cardy. I wouldn't want anyone giving me credit for the art, since I had nothing to do with it. All I did was come up with the idea, and add the oil and the BP logo.

So if anyone wants to use this image on their site, please do; but be aware that crediting the original artwork to me would be incorrect: it's thanks to the genius of Nick Cardy that I could do my BP version in the first place!


Joe Slab said...

Congrats on the Shrine's continued exposure rob! Let's hope you don't hear from either DC or BP with an order to take it down!!! LOL (sorta)

Joe Slab

rob! said...

Joe--I bet DC loves the free publicity. As for BP, I think they've got other things on their mind.

Besides, I'm not planning on taking any orders from BP anytime soon. :)

Joe Slab said...

You are so right!

Tegan said...

I love it! Not only did you do a fine job tweaking Nick's art, but your blog is getting great attention.

I'm glad that my contribution: http://aquablog.gjovaag.com/2010/05/oh-no-aquaman-has-some-explaining-to-do.html hasn't gone viral.

Richard said...

Also spotted (with attribution) at another of my favorite blogs, Dependable Renegade.

Unknown said...

Congrats on all the exposure! I have to say though, I think it's a little lame the Daily News didn't link to your blog directly.

Wings1295 said...

It is awesome. Since I posted it on Tumblr (at the Caffeinted Joe To Go blog in your list above), the "likes" and "reblogs" have gone through the roof! Seriously, check out the page and scroll down to see how long the list is!

Kudos, Rob!

rob! said...

RAB--thanks for the link, added!

Jill--Yeah, I was a little disappointed but at least most other sites have been linking here.

Joe--You were a big help getting this thing moving. Thanks!

Unknown said...

/me checks to make sure I gave proper credit...

Yay! I'm not a jerk.

Wings1295 said...

My son wanted to help, but not without his own comments: My Power is Beyond Your Understanding

IADW said...

It is a really awesome cover and statement Rob!

IADW said...

It is a really awesome cover and statement Rob!

Anonymous said...


DC should be honoured to be associated with it.

CHOVENGO said...




Dixon said...

Rob, you made the New York Daily News!!! You've been a sort of unofficial leader for our superhero blogs for some time now, but I think this unquestionably crowns you as our blogger king! The public has spoken. Congratulations on a poignant political statement well made.

rob! said...

Dix--I just got lucky, putting up the right image at the right time. That Nick Cardy cover is so good, it did 95% of the work for me.

One of my favorite things about blogging is, if I have an idea, I can move on it immediately. That's how the cover came about, and within a few minutes of thinking of it, I had it up on the Shrine.

Cracked Like An Egg said...


You can find it there too
it's a site called About.com

Pierre Fournier said...

Here's another one, Rob: