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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3D Aquaman

This is a 3D model of Aquaman created by our newest F.O.A.M. member John Picha.

You can check out Aquaman, in full 360 degree rotation glory, over on YouTube. John didn't say what he plans to do with the model (if anything), but it sure is cool looking!

Thanks John, and welcome to F.O.A.M.!


Richard said...

I've just been looking over the rest of John's work on YouTube, and it's wonderful. His Fantastic Four characters are particularly impressive...and his model of Space Ghost's Phantom Cruiser actually made me gasp in a "whoa, that's breathtakingly right" way.

Rick L. Phillips said...

They were all amazing but the one that knocked me out was the Silver Surfer. It was great.

Wings1295 said...

Nice stuff. Picture Arthur as a little more broad chested, but still very cool.