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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Aquaman Chronicles #19 Out Now!

The newest issue of John Schwirian's exhaustive The Aquaman Chronicles fanzine is out now!

Jam-packed into its 100(!) pages are all kinds of articles on the Sea King, including the results of a survey John sent out to the Chronicles' readers. Question #14 was "What Would You Change About The Aquaman Chronicles?"

Among the answers, two people responded "More from Rob Kelly." Wow, I didn't even know my Mom and Dad read The Aquaman Chronicles!

Seriously, its a fun mag and if you're an Aquaman fan you should check it out. You can find out more about the mag here, including how to order it.


Wings1295 said...

Have my copy, waiting to dive into it!

Anonymous said...

Ugly cover!

Russell said...

Ugly cover, but whattya want, he's dead. :-)

Glad to read that people like my column, too. It's nice to read that people like your stuff. So don't worry everybody, I'll be back next issue. :-)

Anonymous said...

To anonymous,

At least the green stuff wasn't coming out of his nose. ;)

R Duncan