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Friday, March 19, 2010

Neal Pozner Blue Costume Sketch - 1984

A week or so ago I posted two sketches done by Neal Pozner detailing his idea for Aquaman's new costume that were sent to me by Craig Hamilton.

Craig also sent me this--the same two sketches but done in colored pencil by Neal to show how he saw the "camo" suit should be colored. Very cool stuff--this is the kind of material DC should include if they ever decide to do a TPB of the mini-series (as they should!).

Speaking of, with the "camo" suit back in vogue (having been used both on Batman: Brave and the Bold and on a DC Universe action figure), I think its long overdue that DC collect the 4-issue mini-series by Mr. Pozner and Craig--its a great series, and in any case Aquaman is woefully under-represented in the TPB front.

Thanks again Craig!


The Irredeemable Shag said...

Great piece to publish!

I've always loved this costume and wished Aquaman would return to it. However, someone looked at my DCUC blue costume action figure and stated that he looked like a figure skater. Now I can't get that image out of my head. :(

The Irredeemable Shag

Joe Huber said...

I was really hoping (like many Aqua-fans) for that mini-series to become the regular series. I felt that it perfectly captured Arthur at his best and really created a believable mystical background for Atlantis. Peter David tried to do that later, but it always paled in comparison in my opinion. The artwork was phenomenal as well, and Arthur really hasn't looked as good since.

I would love for this series to be collected in hardcover as it truly remains my go-to Aquaman series, and the one that I recommend the most.
The costume does look a bit like a figure skater's, but in the context of the story it works.

The figure holds a prized place in my collection and despite all of the naysayers and complainers about Aquaman's exposure in the Mattel line, it joined the other two previous figures as a "hard to find" item in my area. I saw it once, and bought it. I consider myself lucky.