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Monday, May 04, 2009

DC Universe Ocean Warrior Aquaman - 2009

One of the other items I picked up at All Things Fun on Free Comic Book Day was my very own Ocean Warrior Aquaman figure by Mattel! Whoo!

I'm really amazed this tiny, tiny part of Aquaman's 60+ year history has made into action figure form, and just by DC Direct for the specialty market--no, this is part of the DC Universe line, sold in stores like Target and Wal-Mart coast to coast!

There's no mention of this costume on the back of the package, so people not already familiar with the "Camo suit" will just have to guess why Aquaman looks so different here (although I guess the idea of the same figure repainted over and over is something most kids are used to by now).

Also, the mistake in the Statistics section--listing Aquaman's first appearance as More Fun Comics #72, not #73--has still not been corrected.

Oh well. Its still a handsome figure, and its cool that Aquaman is such a big part of this line!


Michael Jones said...

He appears to be rocking out while jamming on his trident. What tune would Camo-Aquaman be playing?

Russell said...

Blood 'n' Guts:
I didn't realize this was out already!! I'll have to stop by my Target on the way home. Thanks for the heads up!

Wings1295 said...

That would make an interesting addition to most collections, since the camo costume is strikingly different. Cool!

JoséVC said...

I got it a couple of weeks ago, but it is not just a repainted figure, this one does not have the scaled shirt as does the classic look figure; i guess this makes it even more special.

Donald D said...

I was surprised to find this so easily.
Love that this version of Aquaman was included in the DC Classics series.
I have fond memories of reading that mini series as a kid!

Andy Luckett said...

If this figure was jamming out on his trident, I bet he'd be playing The Beatles' "Octopus' Garden".

Unknown said...

i was never a huge fan of this look for Arthur, but i still think it's awesome that they made it into a figure. think that this means we'll be seeing him return to this costume in the near future?

BTW he's probably rocking out to something from Bon Jovi's "Slippery When Wet" album.

Dixon said...

Handsome is right! This one is a beauty! I love the camouflage costume, and this figure captures it perfectly. I'm glad you posted this, Rob! I'm going to have to pick up one of these for myself!

David Cutler said...

It's still down at my comic shop right now... I'm still debating picking it up. If he didn't have exactly the same trident as the two previous Aquamen in this line, I'd have it for sure. With the $22 CDN pricetag I dunno if I can rationalize picking it up to myself, and moreover, to my girlfriend.