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Saturday, March 20, 2010

DC Super Friends #25 - May 2010

Comics Weekend "The Super-Olympics of Space" by Sholly Fisch and Dario Brizuela.

I didn't get to this issue of DC Super Friends last week for Comics Weekend, so I'm playing catch-up this weekend.

This issue opens up with the Super Friends carrying their very own Olympic torch. But of course, something goes wrong:
Two aliens named Rokk and Sorban are the organizers behind then intergalactic games, and they're taking bets to see who will in games pitting the Super Friends against "some of the mightiest creatures in the universe!"

The Super Friends of course refuse to play, but Rokk and Sorban say Earth will be destroyed if they don't. The Super Friends then try and form an alliance with their competitors, that way all the competitions end in a draw and no one's homeworld is destroyed. But the others don't trust the Super Friends, and refuse to go along. That means the Super Friends have to play to win!

Superman wins his event, but Batman and Wonder Woman lose. Next up is Flash and Aquaman:
Batman whispers to Green Lantern his plan, which leads to GL coming in third in his race. That means that each world's champions came in first, second, third, and fourth place--an across the board tie!

Batman challenges Rokk and Sorban to compete as well, which causes them to admit they were never going to destroy anyone's world in the first place:
The other competitors apologize for not going along with the Super Friends plan. All is forgiven, and Wonder Woman says they're all going to compete again--this time for fun. Let the games begin!

Another cute issue, with the added benefit of it being timely, tied in to the Olympics as it does. Maybe when Aquaman gets his own comic again (fingers crossed), he can finally meet Michael Phelps!

By the way: in case you're wondering where the recap on the much-anticipated Brave and the Bold #32 is, I'm giving that extra attention this Monday!


Russell said...

I enjoyed this issue because the alien races represent the planets of Mon-El, Chameleon Boy, and Blok from the Legion of Super-Heroes. It was almost like a Super Friends-Legion team-up.

That being said, I'm not a huge fan of this artiest. Just look at that last page you reprinted...absolutely no backgrounds at all. That's just lazy. (and I don't care for the ultra-block-bodies he gives the heroes. I know they are supposed to resemble the toys, but check out the cover artist's versions. Those are based on the toys, too, but are still nicer to look at.)

Wings1295 said...

Looks cool, love the colorfulness (is that a word?) of the whole thing. Makes me feel happy! :)

And can't wait for the Monday review! Read the issue myself just last night.