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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Aquaman Shrine Caters A Wedding!

Okay, that's not exactly true, but its close and I wanted a really good grabber of a title for this very special post!

Back in 2008, a guy named Michael Kaiser emailed me, telling me his wedding was a few months away and they wanted to have superhero-themed reception. Michael wanted to use stock shots of various DC heroes as place cards, but didn't have anywhere to find them.

That is, until he saw a post I did on a DC Superheroes Birthday Card Game, which contained little cards of various JLAers (drawn by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez). He asked if I could scan and send him high-res versions of the art. I agreed, but said that when it was all over, he had to send me photos of the nuptials so I could post them here on the Shrine! Michael agreed, and I sent him the scans.

But then Michael promptly forgot to send me the photos, and I forgot all about it, too. Every so often when I came across the files on my hard drive, I'd remember why I had them, but then I'd forget about it again.

Well, just last week, Michael finally remembered to send me the photos, and it was indeed a superhero reception!

In addition to the Superman and Wonder Woman cake topper (seen at top), here were the little place cards Michael made up:

These were used at the individual tables, like this:


Guests entering the hall were greeted by this sign, telling them where they were to sit:

I absolutely loved the imaginative use of the superhero art, and I have to say Ms. Kaiser sure is a good sport: I can only imagine the eye-rolls Michael and Christy must have gotten from various friends and family as they figured out who would sit at the Aquaman, Hawkwoman, or Batman tables.

This was so cool, and I'm glad Michael finally remembered to follow up--it was worth it! Thanks Michael, and welcome (belatedly) to F.O.A.M.!


Wings1295 said...

That is awesome! Cool to him & his Mrs. for doing it, totally cool.

Wings1295 said...

Oh, and thanks for sharing, with him and us!

Rick L. Phillips said...

Great Idea. Wish I had thought of it. We were married on St. Patrick's Day. I could have used Green Arrow, Various Green Lantern's, Green Goblin etc.

Russell said...

Totally cool...although I'm sure my wife would NOT have been amused if I had suggested such a thing.

Odd how Michael used Hawkwoman, but not Hawkman? I would have expected "couples" to have been the sub-theme, Ollie-Dinah, Artie-Mera, Bruce-Barbara, Katar-Shayera....

Luis said...

The fact that the bride agreed to this is incredible! Most of the time the groom doesn't have a say in anything regarding the wedding, because it's mostly a woman's thing. This is the first I've ever heard of a Superhero theme.

Kaiser The Great said...

My wife didn't just agree to it, it was her idea!

Unknown said...

if you don't mind, i'm going to steal this idea for my wedding, but with terrible obscure heroes from the 90's

you will be seated at the 'gunfire' table


Unknown said...

Hi! I'm the bride in question...I thought our touch of superhero in what was a very elegant wedding was way fun. Not to mention I got props from all the guys there for "allowing" it to happen. I think it was great to have some of my husbands personality and interest such a part of our theme. OH and the cake topper was a surprise, I was so excited for him to see it.

IADW said...

Now that's a wedding! Thanks for sharing guys! Hawkwoman over the usual fav's like Supergirl, is a nice touch - and it's always a good time for Hawkwoman!

Glad it was a great day for you both!