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Monday, August 20, 2007

Birthday Card Game - 1982

sgThis is a birthday card that came with a built-in card game, with little punch-out cards featuring various members of the DCU, all by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez(the Aquaman shot is one of my favorites of his).

According to the back, you play the game like this:"Punch out cards. Shuffle them, and deal out equally to all players.

Each player looks at their cards and puts any pairs face down on the table. The first player chooses a card from the hand of the player on their left.

If it matches a card they are holding, they place it on the table with the other pairs they have discarded. The player on the right then chooses from the player on the left, and so on around the table.

Whoever is out of cards first is the winner. The loser is the player left with The Joker card."

What's extra neat about this is it features some characters who really didn't make it into merchandising all that much--Plastic Man, Captain Marvel(in the 80s, at least), and Hawkwoman!

Someone has written in the name "Joshua Winter" on the inside of the card; I hope he appreciated what a cool birthday card this is.

If you want to try and play the game yourself, click
here to print out a high-res sheet of cards!


Anonymous said...

I am from Portugal and i discovered your blog by looking for Craig Hamilton.
I believe that the work of pozner7Hamilton to be the best in comics. I read it in a brazilian magazine and the story afected me so much i bought them in second hand 18 years after. My original magazines disappeared so i searched and the brilliance of the writing only got better.
In a reviw i wrote on amazon.com i said that time is the best judge.And these comics aged gloriously...

K.B. said...

Great Garcia Lopez drawings.