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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Aquaman on The Big Bang Theory

A whole bunch of F.O.A.M.ers sent me emails about Aquaman making yet another "appearance" on last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory!

In the episode--titled "The Precious Fragmentation"--the guys go through a box of stuff they bought at a garage sale. One of the items is an Aquaman doll (pictured), with an unfortunate piece of graffiti added (It's hard to make out, but from the size and color, I'd say it was this one).

Like on The Simpsons, there seems to be a particularly-high number of Aquaman references, so either someone or someones on the staff is a fan, or they just find Aquaman references inherently funny. Or both.

You can watch the whole episode here. Thanks guys!


rick duncan said...

What's the grafitti?

Wings1295 said...

We have recorded it, but haven't watched yet. Cool to know Aquaman 'appears' once more!

Anonymous said...

hey was anatomically corrected lol

Shellhead said...

I agree with you about which figure it is. I actually liked that line and bought most of them when they came out.

Josh Hill said...

this was my first episode of the BIG BANG THEORY and I thought it was hilarious. loved the Aquaman reference, too.

Oscar Olalde said...

Their prop department has spent a pretty good buck in DC stuff (Sheldon's bookshelf figures/statues collection is always within the $800-$1200 range AND changing) .... unless of course DC direct or a fellow collector provides them all for free.

OT: am I missing something or they don't own no Marvel stuff at all, copyright problems? DC exclusive deal, because even their comic book store has everything but Marvel.

rob! said...


BBT is a Warners show, so I'm sure, like it was on Roseanne (also featuring Johnny Galecki!), that they insist on only using DC characters. Synergy!

chunky B said...

Yeah but Stan Lee has made an appearance and that show alone had a ton of Marvel references, still I will be watching to see if I catch any Marvel product.

So far I have found the DC Direct 13" figures and the DC Direct Firestorm in the background, it's worth watching the show just to find all the stuff.