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Monday, December 18, 2006

DC Superheroes "Silver Age Collection" 8-inch Doll

sgThis was one of an inaugural line of 8", Mego-style action dolls from Hasbro, along with Green Lantern and Green Arrow (they must have had a lot of green fabric lying around).

I'm guessing, by making them Mego-esque, Hasbro was trying to appeal to the older collectors market (the kind of people who even remember Mego), but they were sold at Toys 'R Us and Target stores. Probably a little too goofy looking for younger kids, the line died relatively quickly after a couple more releases for the line (Superman, Batman). Too bad, since they were nicely done and I was interested to see where they might have gone with it (Hawkman? Anthro? B'Wana Beast?).

Farewell, DC Superheroes line, we hardly knew ye.

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Plaidstallions said...

This line could have done better if they had have made Aquaman, Lantern and Green Arrow the Target Exclusives and made Batman/Superman mass market.

It made no sense to make the best selling characters hard to find....