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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Alan Davis Interview - 1986

sgThis is from an interview with Alan Davis in an old issue of the now-defunct comics 'zine Amazing Heroes. For just a few paragraphs, it comes up that Davis was the original artist for the Aquaman mini-series (the one that Craig Hamilton ended up doing), but that Dick Giordano talked him out of continuing on it! Grrrr!!

And as you can see, it even has a nifty shot of Arthur by Mr.Davis! And while Craig Hamilton did an excellent job, it would've been really interesting to see how Davis would've handled it. Perhaps Davis, who was seemingly adept at handling a monthly book, might have been able to do a regular book, something presumably Hamilton was not going to be able to do. Aquaman never gets a break...

(Click here to see a bigger shot of the page)

1 comment:

philippos42 said...

Well, Davis did end up being an amazing choice for those early Looker stories, so I guess Dick Giordano had a point.

What could have been, hey?