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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The All-New Super Friends Hour: Episode 7

It's time for another episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

First up is Aquaman and Wonder Woman starring in "The Enforcer":
...a strangely-dressed man washes up on a South Sea island, causing Aquaman and Wonder Woman to investigate.

Turns out its a refugee from an undersea civilization, whose peaceful ruler, a kindly old man, was the victim of a coup by a strongman named The Enforcer. The Enforcer and some of his henchmen track the old man down, and plan to put him to death!

Luckily Aquaman and Wonder Woman sneak in, and save the old man. The Enforcer tries to escape, but Aquaman stops him with the help of his finny friends:
Order restored, Aquaman and Wonder Woman head back home.

Superman, in the Safety feature, teaches some kids about not riding two to a bike, and the Wonder Twins star in a segment called "Shark" (this would have been a good time for an Aquaman cameo, but, no).

Batman and Robin handle the De-Coder segment, and then the Super Friends star in "Planet of the Neanderthals":
In Metropolis, something weird is going on: everyone--and everything--starts to devolve back into cavemen!

Eventually, the trouble starts spreading all over the world, even hitting the Hall of Justice (but leaving the Wonder Twins--and the rest of the Super Friends--unaffected).

One group of the neanderthals--under the control of a brute named Barko--enslave the rest, and try and do the same to the Super Friends. They fight, and eventually meet the leader, who is a scientist who built a machine that enabled him to go back in time and alter history, allowing him to rule! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

Aquaman doesn't get much to do in this segment. At one point he sneaks into Barko's fortress to help rescue a kidnapped Batman and Robin:
Watching this, I started zoning out on the plot a bit and kept getting distracted by the sheer number of animation goofs, like this one:

Weird spatial-relations like that happen a couple times more, like when Superman defies all laws of perspective:
Eventually, the Super Friends get control of the machine (that looks a bit like the monolith in 2001, especially in the scene where its surrounded by cavemen), defeat Barko, and restore time back to normal.

Next, Wonder Woman teaches us a magic trick involving balancing a glass of water on top of a playing card.

In the team-up segment, Aquaman is back, this time with...Green Lantern!
In "Flood of Diamonds", a cave-in in South Africa threatens some miners, leaving them trapped underground.

As the shaft fills with water, Aquaman and Green Lantern (who has the coolest voice imaginable) head there to rescue the miners. They make it through the first part of the shaft, filled with water, and find another part that looks stable.

But as soon as they make it in there, it collapses in on them! Of course, Green Lantern uses his power ring to save them both.

Our heroes find the miners, but some of them--having found a cache of diamonds--want to hide their treasure before they are rescued, so they cause another cave-in, to slow Aquaman and Green Lantern down!

With the help of Green Lantern, Aquaman summons a Great Whale (flying it all the way across South Africa) to help get through the massive rubble:
The miners are rescued, having learned (sort of) that greed overtook their common sense.

Finally, Superman teaches a kid about how he shouldn't skip breakfast, since its important to fuel up for the day.

...and so ends another fun episode of
The All-New Super Friends Hour!

Wow, two Aquaman team-ups in one episode. Sure, he didn't get much to do in the Super Friends group segment, but I'll take him in the team-ups any day!

This episode's Aqua-Content: High


Josh Hill said...

I'm gonna have to check to see which DVD this is on and I will watch it as ASAP!

Randy said...

I always thought GL had the coolest voice too!

Russell said...

Why didn't GL just knock the rubble down? Why did they need a whale?

rob! said...


Because the HB Green Lantern only had enough imagination to use his ring to make giant green catchers mitts, cute stuff like that. He didn't really use the ring to its full capacity...

Randy said...

Not only that...when GL needed to fly, he didn't just will himself to fly. No, GL had to create the Green Lantern Jet.