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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bagged "Super Heroes" Action Figures

I saw these monsters on eBay for just a couple of bucks and I just couldn't say no.

The figures themselves are of Daredevil and Green Lantern--in theory--but I'm more intrigued by the packaging. That's clearly supposed to be Aquaman there on the far right. Sure, his costume isn't colored correctly, but I can't imagine what other character it conceivably could be. (And--Great Hera!--check out how busty Wonder Woman is!)

Considering how awful these two figures are, I'm dying to see what their Aquaman looked like!


Anonymous said...

Actually I have it. I bought a similar set with the same packaging for an awful Wonder Woman because I'm a Wonder Woman Collector. There is a Superman in the set and two other characters I don't recognize, but there's definitely an Aquaman. He's shirtless with silver pants and the hook on his left hand. Do you want me to send a picture?

Andy Luckett said...

Wow. To go to the trouble of producing figures and packaging, but to put so little effort into the product...seems strangely poetic to me somehow.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I've seen some crappy bootlegs in my time, but those take the cake.

It disturbs me that I recognize the original source of the "Green Lantern" figure as Kenner's Power Flight Superman from their Superman: Man of Steel line. Daredevil looks to be taken from Kenner's Batman Forever or Batman and Robin movie lines.


rob! said...


Yeah, I'd LOVE to see the Aquaman figure!!


Yes, in their awfulness they do achieve a kind of grandeur.


"Chris Franklin, Toy Archeologist"!

Aaron said...

Wow! Those are CRAP! Better keep that bag sealed. Not to preserve the "value", to avoid lead poisoning ;)

Luis said...

I live in Mexico, and I see figures like these all the time. Incorrectly painted and often mixing DC and Marvel in the same package (as seen here). However, even for bootlegs, these are at the low end of the spectrum.
Message to Rob, the webmaster: If you're ever in Mexico, the place to find these kind of figures is NOT at stores, but from sidewalk vendors or in "Mercados Municipales" (Municipal Markets) where they sell all sorts of bootleg stuff.

Rick Duncan said...

Time for a new Aquaman Shrine category: "Fun With White-out."

Jon the action figures buff said...

Daredevil looks like red Batman, and the double D is just an ass paint. They're monsters alright...

Orin's dad said...

I thought it looked like white-out too! And I love how the black boots on "Green Lantern" are seeping off onto the packaging.