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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The All-New Super Friends Hour: Episode 6

It's time for another episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

First up is The World's Finest Duo starring in "The Secret Four":
...a mysterious, hooded group of crooks terrorize a small, oil-rich town. Fairly creepy-looking baddies, by Super Friends standards.

Next, Wonder Woman teaches some fairly stupid kids about not putting dangerous things in their mouths (a styrofoam cup, a lead pencil).

The Wonder Twins help rescue some kids from a tiger on the loose, then Batman and Robin handle the De-Coder segment.

Next, the Super Friends all star in "The Mysterious Time Creatures":
Far away, on the planet Kronol, two of the planet's leaders are having a fiery debate on whether to, well, leave in peace or try and take over the galaxy.

The planet's leader, Karmor, wins the argument, but that doesn't stop the bad guy, Dictor (the alien names on this show weren't exactly subtle) from staging a coup. He gets some of his men to apprehend Kobol, and steal a powerful crystal Karmor wears around his neck.

He blasts Karmor, turning him into an old man. But Kobol, sensing this might happen, hops into a nearby space shuttle and heads for Earth, leading Dictor to follow him.

The Super Friends are alerted to this chase going on right outside Earth, and get involved. Superman and Wonder Woman rescue Karmor, while Dictor and his henchmen go into hiding on Earth.

Karmor explains what has happened, and how he still has a tiny slice of the element that powered the crystal medallion. He needs a place to work, so Aquaman takes him to his super-cool AquaLab:
...as most of us know, the animation on these H-B cartoons was exceedingly dodgy. But occasionally, I guess maybe when they had the time, the animators threw in a little extra something. As Karmor works, there's an enormous amount of light given off, leading to some nice shadow effects:
Anyway, Dictor finds Karmor at the AquaLab, and kidnaps him right in front of the Wonder Twins. Aquaman--away for a moment--returns, is told what happened, and then finds Dictor's ship, getting Karmor away from him.

They take him to the Hall of Justice so he can continue working, and then Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman decide to stop playing defense and go after Dictor.

But Dictor still has that powerful crystal, and he zaps them, doing the opposite of what he did to Karmor:
...Holy Kindergarten Class!

The Wonder Twins discover the Super-Tots, and Janya escapes to go get help from Batman and Robin. She makes a bee-line back to the Hall of Justice (in the form of a mouse, so it takes a while to get through to them).

They arrive, and trick Dictor into re-zapping them all, turning the Super Friends back into adults.

But Dictor escapes, makes his way to the Hall of Justice. The Super Friends arrive just in time to watch Dictor zap his foe once again, this time turning him into a pile of aged dust! Dictor then heads back to his planet.

Batman figures they have once chance to save Karmor--and the universe. He uses his superb disguise skills to dress up as Karmor, and sends an interplanetary message. Dictor, ambitious but not that bright, is tricked and heads back to Earth.

The Super Friends then trick Dictor into zapping the dust of Karmor, turning him back to normal. Dictor is arrested, and exiled onto a space prison colony (Rura Penthe?).

For the Crafts segment, Aquaman teaches us how to make a party favor known as a "Sun Rattler":
Next, in the team-up episode, Wonder Woman pairs up with Apache Chief in "The Antidote":
...it involves milking a giant snake of its venom. Ew.

Finally, Superman instructs kids about the dangers of smoking (featuring shots of kids actually smoking, which is kind of surprising, and probably not something you could get away with nowadays, even in anti-smoking message). In it, Superman says smoking doesn't make you cool, "It makes you a loser!"

...and so ends another fun episode of
The All-New Super Friends Hour!

Aquaman didn't get much to do this episode, but what the heck--you can only have so many adventures take place underwater. Bonus points for getting to see the AquaLab again, though!

This episode's Aqua-Content: Medium


Wings1295 said...

I remember the Aquaman-craft corner thing from this episode!

Plaidstallions said...

the whole blasting the guy into dust thing creeped me out as a tot.