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Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29--Aquaman's Birthday!

sgToday's The Day! Yes, according to the 1976 DC Comics Calendar, today is Aquaman's birthday!

In some ways, this is a particularly rough birthday for the big guy--in the current DCU, he's a member of the undead, concerned with nothing else but eating flesh and tearing out hearts. Yuck. Luckily, he does appear monthly in the DC Super Friends book, and will headline the next issue of Brave and the Bold.

Even better--on the world's TV and toy shelves, Aquaman's presence couldn't be bigger! He's a regular on the superb Brave and the Bold show, where he is treated with respect, admiration, as well as a healthy dose of humor.

And thanks (mostly) to the show, you can find a couple different Aquaman action figures on sale at any given moment, as well as lots of ancillary B&B merchandise with ol' Arthur on it.

As a way to celebrate Arthur's big day (his 69th!), I'm going to be doing small-to-mid-size posts all day, so you have to keep checking back in throughout the day to see what's new.

Happy Birthday, Aquaman!


Randy said...

Happy Birthday, Sea King!

Josh Hill said...

enjoy your 69, Arthur!

wait, that didn't sound right...

Russell said...

My wife and daughter, to help me celebrate today, are making me Curry Stew. Mmmmm-mmmm good!!!

Wings1295 said...

Great way to celebrate! I did a post on the Aqua-birthday, too!

Orin's dad said...

Happy Birthday Aquaman. Undead or not, you're still the King!