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Friday, January 15, 2010

Aqua T-Shirts, Part 2

This is another Aquaman T-shirt from the vast collection of F.O.A.M. member extraordinaire Russell Burbage.

I really like this one, the combo of the Aquaman stock pose with the water-ish pattern on the fabric. (Imagine what it might have looked like if they had used an Aquaman in his blue camoflage suit!)

Here's what Russell had to say about it: "I happened across this great t-shirt shop on the internet, and WOW! I quickly bought the following t-shirt for my daughter (Aquaman in blue camouflage...awesome!)"

Way cool, thanks Russell!


Russell said...

This is one of the t-shirts that I have never seen any one else have. I don't know if it's timing, or the distribution of the shirts, or some other reason, but I have never seen this blue camouflage t-shirt except on my daughter. And you'd think this would be popular...!

Orin's dad said...

I bought one of these for my daughter a couple years ago at GenCon and she wore it all the time over the last 2 years (I think she's outgrown it now). It has always been one of her favorites, and she loves it when we wear Aquaman t-shirts together to go places. Molding your children at an early to be a nerd like you and appreciate the small things is such a cool Dad thing to do...lol

Russell said...

Orin's Dad: you have hit the nail on the head! I never stressed my love of comics (or music); I just always had them both around. Now with my daughter at 18 she knows most of the JLA ("Who is that Martian guy again...?") and she knows who Elvis, the Temps, the Supremes, the Beatles....
we done good. :-)

Orin's dad said...

You;re absolutely right Russell...let's both keep up the good work!