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Friday, January 15, 2010

Breaking News - DC Animated Shorts

sgF.O.A.M.er Dan Woodward is reporting some exciting news over on his blog It's A Dan's World--the announcement by DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation that the WB will start including animated short features to their marquee character releases! This will give DC and the WB the chance to highlight other characters from DC's stable in animated form.

So far, the only two shorts announced are The Spectre (to appear in front of the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths DVD)
and one starring Jonah Hex.

But may I suggest to Warner Bros. another character whose popularity is growing thanks to his recent animated appearances:
...and may I remind them of this quote from Brave and the Bold Producer James Tucker during our interview last week: "I'd be happy with just a Aquaman special or even a DTV."

Case closed!


Rick L. Phillips said...

That is good news. Not only for Aquaman but for fans of any B listers. Hopefully a Plastic Man will be on the list soon. but I still hope for a spin off animated series.

Wings1295 said...

Woohoo! Good news, like Rick says, for all characters and fans!

David J. Cutler said...

I'm still naively holding out hope for a Wonder Woman or Green Lantern First Flight style main feature DVD release. Sure they'll probably get to the Flash first, and Green Arrow... and Teen Titans... and Supergirl...

But THEN maybe, after a Green Lantern sequel or something, we can get a full length Aquaman DTDVD film.

Josh Hill said...

they need to do characters that have never had their own animated series or spotlight. The Spectre is a great choice. I'm not the biggest Jonah Hex fan, but I like that idea, too. As much as I love Aquaman, I would rather see them give him a full length feature instead of one of these shorts.

rob! said...

I agree of course, I'd love to see a full-length Aquaman DTV movie, but I think the odds of that are small. I;d be happy with a short just to get things moving!

Jonah Hex makes sense, depending on what this summer's JH movie is rated. PG, PG-13, R?

Joe Huber said...

I'm just glad that Hex got downgraded to a short. The last I'd read was that he was going to be a full release.

But, yeah Aquaman would be a nice addition, but surely one that merits more than a short.

Randy said...

You would think that with the popularity of Finding Nemo or the Little Mermaid or the episode of Brave and Bold last week (!!!) that people would realize how cool an Aquaman animated movie or series could be.

IADW said...

Wow, thanks for the plug Rob!

When I first read 'tryouts for their own stand alone DVD's' Aquaman was the first to mind, since there seems to be such hesitation to just diving straight in to a full length feature right from the start.

With so many DC stars from the 'next row back' made for animation, I found myself hoping the idea of a 'DC Sampler DVD' of shorts could eventually be in the pipeline, with no main feature, but rather a series of independent episodes, anchored by one short of 'icon' to keep the WB happy.

Captain Marvel, Aquaman, Plastic Man, Adam Strange, Nightwing, Hawkman etc all on the one disk. That would be pretty cool.

rob! said...

Off the top of my head, I'd love to see shorts starring:

Plastic Man
Adam Strange
The Creature Commandos
Hawkman and Hawkgirl
Sgt. Rock
Captain Fear
Sugar and Spike
Bat Lash

Andy Luckett said...

I'd love an Aquaman short, because I would hope that it would at least set the wheels in motion in the right minds to perhaps see a full-length feature (either animated or live-action) someday.

As for who else I'd like to see:

-Swamp Thing (very moody and atmospheric)

-Animal Man (maybe with B'wana Beast)


-Metamorpho (a really strange psychadelic version)

-The Metal Men

-The Creature Commandos (made like an old Universal horror film crossed with a war movie)



-Suicide Squad

As you can tell, I like some of the more offbeat DC fare.