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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alex Ross Paper Dolls

These little beauties were made by Alex Ross, age eleven, and appeared (almost against Ross' will) in the Alex Ross: Mythology book.

Even at age eleven, you can see the careful detail that would be a hallmark of Ross work--these are wonderfully meticulous little figures, and Ross didn't skimp on the details even though it must have been a real pain putting these babies together. I especially love the little curl he put in Aquaman's hair.

There's a Rankin/Bass-style TV special in these dolls, somewhere...


Russell said...

These are adorable! They reminded me of the paper dolls I used to make when I was a wee lad...I had a trace in a World Book Encyclopedia Fun Book that I wore out because I traced over it so much!!!!

And I would *totally* buy a Rankin/Bass "Justice League Christmas" (with songs by Johnny Marks)

Wings1295 said...

Those are great! Talk about detail, patience & talent!!!

chunky B said...

Wait a minute, 11 year old Ross didn't make a Batman?

Serious though, those are wonderful, the detail is amazing.