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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aquaman Meets Jimmy Kimmel - 2010

This unusual bit appeared on the January 6th edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Once again, it underscores how well known Aquaman is in the wider culture--no intro or explanation needed: here's Aquaman, let's get on with the joke!

Strangely, this isn't even the first time a live-action Aquaman has appeared on a late night show--The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson used to run a regular segment called "Dear Aquaman."

A couple of F.O.A.M.ers sent me links to this, including Wil Radcliffe and Dennis Doucette. Thanks guys!


David J. Cutler said...

D'aww, Canadians can't see it.

Rick Duncan said...

Aguaman??? Must be an Elseworlds. Cute.

Michael Jones said...

I can't view it in Japan either.

Randy said...

That was pretty funny. I liked Aguaman.

Sean Tiffany said...
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Sean Tiffany said...

Mexican Aguaman! Hell yeah!

I think the Shrine needs a sister, spin-off shrine...the Mexican Aguaman Shrine!

Let DC try to stop THOSE t-shirts!

rob! said...

David, Michael- Can you guys see stuff on Hulu? It's there too:


If I knew Spanish, I would SO open up a sister Shrine.

David J. Cutler said...

Rob--Thanks, but nope. There are ways around that sort of thing, but they do their best to figure those ways out and put a stop to it. Hopefully I'll catch it somewhere eventually!

Michael Jones said...

Hulu is even worse! Ah, well.
Is this the same link?