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Saturday, December 12, 2009

DC Super Friends #22 - Feb. 2010

Comics Weekend "All I Want For Christmas..." by Sholly Fisch and Dario Brizuela.

The annual Christmas issue of DC Super Friends opens pleasantly enough, with our heroes opening fan mail.

The Flash opens one letter, from a young girl named Ellie, who has an unusual request from her idols:
The Super Friends try to gently explain to Ellie that even with their great powers, they can't do everything. Even the healing powers of The Purple Ray on Paradise Island "cannot change something you were born with."

Ellie is of course saddened, but the Super Friends are determined to show that they can help her in a different way. They take her to the Super Friends Satellite, giving Ellie a view very few non-superheroes ever get.

Then The Flash turns off the satellite's gravity, giving Ellie the ride of her life:
Superman shows Ellie that many handicapped people have made great contributions to the world, despite their physical limitations, like Itzhak Perlamn, Prof. Stephen Hawking, and President Franklin Roosevelt. There are even some handicapped superheroes, like Oracle, Captain Marvel Jr., and Chief from The Doom Patrol!

But this sweet adventure of Ellie's isn't all fun: the Super Friends encounter a mysterious hooded stranger on the satellite, who pulls quite a trick on the rest of the heroes while The Flash is showing Ellie the Super Friends Trophy Room:
Turns out the stranger is the Super Friends' old foe, Amos Fortune! Fortune, having temporarily reduced the heroes to a bunch of confused bystanders, takes off. Hr goes looking for the satellite's control room, where he plans to crash it down on Earth!

While going by the Trophy Room, he spots one of his devices on display, and runs across Ellie. Ellie, being a devotee of the Super Friends and their cases, knows who Fortune is, and uses Kanjar Ro's Gamma Gong to freeze Fortune in his tracks--while she remains protected from its effects by wearing Ro's helmet.

Later, the Super Friends are back to normal, and have Ellie to thank for defeating Amos Fortune. They bestow upon her a special gift:
The Super Friends then leave, off to answer the mail of another one of their fans. But as they depart, they wish Ellie and her family a happy holiday!

This issue also features another drawing and letter by a young Aqua-Fan:
...nice job, Joshua, and a completely reasonable question.

A very sweet issue, touching on some real-life hardships, which can be dicey, but writer Sholly Fisch pulls it off. I especially liked the mentions of Hawking, Perlman, and Roosevelt. Nothing wrong with a little history!


Wings1295 said...

Very sweet! Thanks for sharing that, Rob!

Richard said...

I don't know who wrote Johnny DC's answer to that letter…but on the chance said letter-answerer comes across this post sometime in the future, I just want to say that was a great answer. Seriously! The parenthetical aside is just perfect.

Jay Watson said...

Indeed Rob--this kind of story, and this kind of post (from you) bring some decency and joy during this season which can use all it can get with the world the way it is.
Thank you!

Russell said...

I love that covery by J. Bones. I wish he did more of the interior art, because I find his style very easy on the eyes. I much prefer his JLA (and Aquaman in particular) to Dario Brizuela's.