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Saturday, November 21, 2009

DC Super Friends #21 - Jan. 2010

Comics Weekend "Happily Never After" by Sholly Fisch and Stewart McKenny.

Behind yet another spiffy cover by J.Bone comes a tale where the Super Friends meet The Queen of Fables!

It starts on the JLA Satellite, where the Super Friends crack open a mysterious book. With none of them claiming ownership, they wonder how it got there, so naturally they open it.

What they don't expect is that the book transports them all to another dimension:
This land seems to made up all of manner of mythical characters, from Sleeping Beauty to Paul Bunyan, unicorns and fairies.

They are met by The Queen of Fables, who says she has brought the Super Friends to this land since they, too, are legendary beings with amazing stories to tell. The Super Friends protest of course, but the Queen isn't offering them a choice.

Transporting them all into different scenarios, she sits back (with a box of popcorn, no less) and watches the heroes go through their paces: Wonder Woman is in some sort of enchanted forest, The Flash finds himself among a group of leprechauns, and Aquaman ends up in the South Pacific:
Superman runs into John Henry, Green Lantern is deposited in front of the Baobab Tree, and Batman encounters...Robin, the Boy Wonder? Or is it?

Each of the Super Friends finds their way out of their particular situations, some by helping, some by showing a better way. Aquaman, instead of fighting the giant shark, uses his wits to defeat it:
They all find their way back to the Queen of Fables, who is impressed at the Super Friends' ingenuity, saying they will be fine additions to this world.

When the Super Friends again insist they're not staying, she corrals all the mythical creatures of the land to force the Super Friends into staying.

But Wonder Woman gets the idea that since they all changed the legendary stories using their imaginations, they can do that here. Instead of creatures spoiling for a fight, she turns them all into party guests, assembling a cake, tea, and party hats, rendering all the menacing beasts into gentle party-goers.

Green Lantern figures out the way out of this realm is to utter the magic words "And they lived happily ever after", and he does just that, transporting all the Super Friends back home:
The story ends with a plug for your local library, featuring some of the Super Friends (but not Aquaman, darn it) hanging out and reading.

Nice art job by Stewart McKenny--his Super Friends look a little less blocky and a little more cartoony, which I think looks good. In particular, I like how the giant shark Aquaman encounters looks like Jabberjaw.

This issue also features a drawing of Aquaman (and Green Lantern) vs. Starro, courtesy Jacob Flynn, age 5:
...nice job, Jacob!


Wings1295 said...

Fun stuff!

IADW said...

Those kid pictures are worth the cost of the book alone I reckon! If only each came with a description of what the characters are doing or saying as the kid saw it...

Earth 2 Chris said...

Ha, Superman becomes the Tin Man, just like in that old Super Friends episode!


Russell said...

I wish the story inside had been more similar to the cover image!!!