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Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Fun Comics #84 - Oct. 1942

Comics Weekend "Raid on Atlantis!" by Mort Weisinger and Louis Cazeneuve.

More fun with More Fun!

Setting aside the cover (which will not be appearing at the Museum of Tolerance anytime soon), this issue's Aquaman adventure features a bit of a change of pace:
Aquaman swims to get a closer look at the schooner, but can see nothing amiss. But something still nags at him, even back at his undersea headquarters:
Considering how much of a jawbreaker Aquaman is, I think this Dr. Coburn guy should rethink his plan. But, of course, he trudges on...

After we learn that Coburn plans to double cross his partner Jerrod once he captures Aquaman, he has himself lowered into the sea (via a bathysphere), where he tries to lure Aquaman into coming close.

Despite Aquaman's earlier misgivings about men on the sea in general, he does get close, and through the bathysphere's porthole he sees a sign Dr. Coburn is holding: "Have important message--can you come nearer?"

Aquaman does, falling into Coburn's trap:
Aquaman is trussed up in the ship's hold. Dr. Coburn asks Aquaman to sign some papers, but Aquaman flatly refuses. So Coburn shoots him with a gas pellet gun, which makes Aquaman highly susceptible to Coburn's suggestions!

Later, Coburn falls prey to a double cross himself, courtesy Jerrod and his hulking henchman, Skol (who creepily reminds me of Dick Briefer's Frankenstein):

Jerrod and Skol dump Coburn into the sea, and soon after they have their own stunt show running, featuring Aquaman doing all kinds of amazing water tricks, including high-diving into a pool, speed swimming (where one female patron remarks, "He's my ideal man!"), and other events.

Two small kids seem to notice how sad Aquaman seems to be, but of course Jerrod and Skol don't care: they're too busy counting all the cash they're raking in.

But what they don't know is, after the repetitive doses of the drug, it starts to lose its effectiveness, to the point where Aquaman starts contemplating an escape!

The next day, Jerrod pulls another double cross, this time on Skol, dumping him into a tank of killer sea creatures! During the squabble though, they both fall in.

Aquaman sees this, and his devotion to saving human life overrides his drug-induced fog, and he jumps in to save both of them:
Despite this, Jerrod and Skol demand Aquaman go back to work! Aquaman refuses, so they call out their gang of henchmen to put Aquaman back in his place.

Aquaman, now totally free of the drug, starts punching guys left and right, knocking one of them into a glass tank, smashing it open and freeing his other finny friends.

Jerrod and Skol, their show ruined, start to argue, and what they did to Coburn comes out while Aquaman stands by:
...and with that, Aquaman sets sail for another adventure!

Like I said, this issue's story is a change of pace, in that Aquaman is dragged to land, away from the sea. Also, Blackjack is nowhere to be seen, for once!

Kind of amazing that the Dr. Coburn guy doesn't get saved by Aquaman somehow--nope, they throw him into the water, he's eaten by sharks, the end.

When Aquaman is held captive by Dr. Coburn, we get a glimpse of how the Sea King feels about not being a free man:

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