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Monday, November 23, 2009

Aqualad/Action Boy - 1966

Considering how important Ideal's Captain Action line is to Aquaman's history, I haven't given all that much attention to the CA line of toys. That's mostly because the Captain Action toys are now so damn expensive, that even the most beat-up examples of them still can cost you a fortune.

I don't own the Action Boy as Aqualad doll, in any condition, so I'm borrowing this nice, clean image of the doll in minty fresh from from Scoop, who ran an article on the whole Action Boy line last Friday. Man, do I love that little rubber octopus!

I would've missed the piece entirely if not for F.O.A.M. member Ed Catto, who pointed it out to me. Thanks Ed!

Speaking of Action, comma Captain, Ed is one of the guys behind the current revival of CA as a comic book star, as well as some other characters from that universe.

He told me that in the Lady Action Special one-shot, there's an accompanying three-page article on the uber-rare line of Super Queens dolls, which improbably featured Mera as part of the line (and are so expensive they make the Captain Action dolls look like items you'd find at a dollar store). Here's the first page of the piece:
The Lady Action Special comes out in January, so if you want a copy talk to your LCS (you can get a look at the book here). Thanks for the sneak peek, Ed!


David J. Cutler said...

Now this is cool--no idea this existed! And I know it says "Octo", but in my mind that's a real, honest-to-gods Topo accessory right there. Sweetness.

Russell said...

Not at all Aqua-related, but...I love how Supergirl comes with Krypto!!!

Wings1295 said...

Never saw a pic of the Aqualad figure or accessories, so very cool!

And the Mera doll must be treasure by those who do have it.

David J. Cutler said...

The Mera doll blows me away--does anyone know anything about sales figures from the time? Was Aquaman a big seller to be so heavily merchandised? (Compared to, say, Flash or Green Lantern.)

rob! said...


The Filmation Aquaman show was just starting up around this time, so this was the Golden Age of Aquaman merchandise. There were dolls, games, puzzles--Aquaman was quite the merchandising star from around 66-68!

Zeod said...

I have an Aqualad set for Action Boy, in the box, never been
removed, scotch taps still intact, can you give me an idea what it might be worth? The box is in good shape although the white areas are a little brown.
It's the exact same set that is shown above

Anonymous said...

I have a 1966 mera doll original in box email me at jferrilli@hotmail. Com