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Friday, November 20, 2009

Aqua-Poll Results #2

The results of our second Aqua Poll are in, and here's what 104 of you had to say about the upcoming Brave and the Bold #32:
So you can see we have a definite majority of readers who don't normally buy Brave and the Bold who will be specifically picking up this issue because of Aquaman's presence. Add in the ones who will be buying multiple copies (like myself), and we just might be able to spike the sales of the issue a bit.

I'm confounded a bit by the 11 of you who said you won't be buying it--what's a Sea King gotta do?

Even though I've already managed to do an interview with J. Michael Straczynski about the book, and got it mentioned on Newsarama, I still intend on trying to get the word out some more. Until then, let's just enjoy the cover to B&B #32 again, shall we?


Wings1295 said...

Great poll and the results are pretty much as I predicted. The 11 No's, though, are odd, especially since this was on an Aquaman page. Hmmm

Richard Duncan said...


I have watched the Big Bang Theory several times but I haven't really had the time to get into it. I get the premise of the show and I know it's pretty popular. It centers around four geeks who love comic books and other geek stuf.

Lately, I've been thinking that the show needs a running Aquaman subplot. What if one or more of the characters started a movement to get DC to start a new Aquaman series. They could be inspired by the Green Lantern fans who got DC to bring back Hal Jordan. (They could even consult with the "masterminds" behind Hal's return.)

I think it would be the perfect subplot for the show. Everyone knows who Aquaman is, even if they're not comics geeks. I've seen the Big Bang characters in Aquaman t-shirts or Underoos or something, so someone on that show must have a soft spot for him. Of course there are all the cheapshot Aquaman jokes (that we all hate) that the writers could use.

They could debate who's better, Aquaman or the Sub Mariner, or talk about how "hot" Mera is.

I picture the four Big Bang guys
in full Aquaman uniform (with tridents) at a comic convention kidnapping "Dan Didio" or the guy with the girlfriend trying to get her to dress up like Mera.

I know it's a long shot. But maybe there is someone in your vast Shrine audience that has a connection to the Big Bang Theory.

Any thoughts?

rob! said...


That's a neat idea, let me work on that!