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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Adventures of the AquaHoodie - Russell Burbage

The AquaHoodie means business! Thanks Russell!

(Digital background F/X by ILM)


Wings1295 said...

Looks great, Russell!

Russell said...

I don't think I'm smiling because my wife who was none too pleased with this birthday present was taking the picture AND I was thinking to myself, "I am going to let hundreds of people see this picture..!" And of course, the main reason...I was channeling Aquaman, and he doesn't smile just for anything, ya know.

Josh Hill said...

I am planning on buying one of these hoodies and I'm wondering which size to get. In t-shirts, I typically wear an XL, so is this the size I should get in the hoodie? I ask because sometimes I only wear a Large in jackets and such. It's just that t-shirts are usually tighter and that's why I go for an XL in them. Any advice would be appreciated!

rob! said...


I tend to go one size up for sweatshirts, they're just more comfortable for me that way.

I wear L-sized shirts, but my Hoodie will be in XL.