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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Classic Aquaman Statue Poster - 2002

A very handsome one-sheet poster advertising the DC Direct statue, this is one item I never got around to purchasing--you can probably guess why.

I keep hoping I'll get lucky and find this on eBay one day for a rock-bottom price, but no luck yet.

On a side note, that trident looks sharp! If I ever do get one of these, I'll have to stick little styrofoam corks on the tips to make sure I don't injure myself on it...


Russell said...

I'm with you, Rob...this is one piece of Aquaman merchandise that I have never gotten (and probably never will; besides the price tag, it looks like it's a $%&*@ to clean!)
I've only actually seen it once (in its box) at some convention.

I have it as one of my Screen Savers. :-)

Wings1295 said...

Very nice, but it had better be at that price tag! :)

ktotheris10 said...

Hey, at least you aren't in Canada!

jrloafy said...

Lol I am in Canada and I got one when it came out. It's every bit as beautiful as it appears.