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Friday, September 11, 2009

Brave and the Bold Airheads

Today's post is the work of no less than three members of F.O.A.M.--first, the above shot of Tangerine flavored Airheads brand candy featuring the Brave and the Bold version of Aquaman on the package was sent to me by Christopher Chance. Ginchy!
Here's the back of the package, courtesy Jon Helfenstein. I think they probably should've put the word nutrition in quotes.

So, not only was I not aware of a Brave and the Bold tie-in with Airheads candy, but there's a whole big marketing push behind the idea! You can even vote for your favorite character/flavor, via their website:
...this was sent to me by Joe Mello, who first alerted me to this whole thing.

As you can see, Batman and his B&B co-stars Red Tornado, Blue Beetle, Plastic Man, Green Arrow, as well as Aquaman are part of this tie-in, which is cool as heck!

I generally don't eat candy, but now I think I have to make a stop at the candy aisle in my local Target. Thanks fellas!


Wings1295 said...

I need to look for these, too! Forgot when I was at Target! DOH!

And hey, we need a F.O.A.M. presence going at the site, cause the Aquaman flavor is currently in LAST PLACE!!! NO!


r duncan said...

I did my part. Aquaman at 6.96%.

Orin's Dad said...

He's up to an even 7% after my vote. It's just like the old public election slogan: Vote early and vote often!