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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Geoff Johns on Aquaman

From a new Q&A with Geoff Johns @CBR:

My question, is there any chance you’ll be involved in an Aquaman book with Shane Davis? Or possibly a future Hawk-project? Neither seems out of the realm of possibility and both would be fantastic.

Carter Hall! Aquaman and his crew are all over “Blackest Night.” What’s next for him remains to be seen, but I certainly think he is one of the strongest characters with one of the richest mythologies in comics. I’ve loved what J. Michael Straczynski
has done with Thor and it feels to me that Aquaman has that same epic scale behind him that only needs to be set free.

(h/t: F.O.A.M.er Max Handerson. Thanks Max!)

By the way: the Shrine will take a look at Blackest Night #1 this Saturday


GaiaGold said...

JMS also stated that he is working on a ''Top secret'' book for DC which will be announce at San Diego Comic- Com


Could it be Aquaman related

Doug said...

The Shrine will be very glad that the Shrine is taking a look at Blackest Night on Saturday.

The Doug is impressed with the Shrine's ability to resist talking about Blackest Night for so long.