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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aquaman Vs. Kobra

Shameless Self-Promotion Department: If you'll forgive me, I thought for today I'd post a few panels from Aquaman (Vol.1) #60, featuring the Sea King's first run-in with the supervillain Kobra, to bring attention to an article I have in the newest issue of TwoMorrows' fine magazine Back Issue, out today:
The theme is, as the cover states, Villains, villains, and more villains, and I had the pleasure of writing my first full-length piece for the magazine on DC's resident snake-themed would-be world conqueror.

I got the chance to talk to long time comics pro Marty Pasko, who wrote the entire Kobra series, to get some background info, and his contributions were invaluable (plus Marty is just plain fun to talk to).

If you haven't already ordered a copy through your LCS, you can click the cover above and order a copy directly from TwoMorrows!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Congrats Rob! I'll be camped out at my mailbox waiting for the issue!!!


Russell said...

Congratulations, Rob! I'll go order the issue right now.