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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

JLA/JSA Pin-Up by Dave Gibbons

Back at the time of the Watchmen movie being released, I did a post focusing on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' rare interactions with Aquaman.

For Gibbons, I posted a couple of pages he drew for the World's Funnest one-shot, saying "
[T]he only time he ever got to draw him[Aquaman] was in the 2003 one-shot World's Funnest, a fall-down-funny effort written by Evan Dorkin."

Well, of course, while going through some old comics, I looked through the above book (released in 1998), and found this pin-up by the one and only Mr. Gibbons, making my earlier statement wrong, wrong, wrong:
(click to see a larger version!)

In contrast to his work in Watchmen, everyone in the DCU looks so cheery when Gibbons draws them, Aquaman included!

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