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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Aquaman Shrine Meets Black Manta

If you'll recall, I posted the above photo from the 2009 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con, featuring the awesomest Black Manta costume you'll ever see.

When I saw Manta at the con, I took the opportunity to go up to him and give him one my Aquaman Shrine business cards, which caused Manta to scream in rage, at the sight of his arch-nemesis having his own blog!

Little I did know, but that moment was captured on video, which can you see below! Warning: There are two giant heads in this video--mine's the one coming in from the left:

...I love it!

(Special thanks to Rudy Rinesko--aka Black Manta--for sending me the link!)


Andy Luckett said...

"Ha, ha, I grabbed your boo-ty!"

Oh, that crazy Manta, that's not the kind of booty he usually goes after, but, alas, those lonely nights in the Manta ship take their toll...

It's great to see this moment on film, Rob. I so want to meet this guy now.

Saranga said...

Ha! Great stuff.

Adama said...

This guy is hilarious! I wish I had introduced him to the Aqualadies. I bet that would have been interesting!

chunky B said...

Nice... take the card and suffer Black Manta!

Also great reflexes Rob, keep your guard up around that vile villain.

Wings1295 said...

Hah! Glad you survived your encounter. ;)

Cool stuff.

Dixon said...

That's brilliant! Actually video footage of a personal confrontation with one of Aquaman's arch-nemeses? Man, you've got it all, Rob.

james said...

Very nice!

BTW: For a game-system take on Aquaman (and Black Manta) from their Super Friends days, check out: www.superfriendstats.blogspot.com