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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aquaman Painting by John Watson

I found this painting by artist John Watson during a random Google search. I had never seen it before, or heard of Watson. But this page featured a bunch of his paintings--all centered on superheroes! Some pretty nice stuff.

This painting has a quaint, slightly stiff old-timey paperback feel, and it wouldn't have looked out of place on, say, an early-70s Aquaman novel, if there had been such a thing.



Erik the Sleeper said...

It's a brilliant artwork, but I'm not a fan of this 'badly fitting spandex' look in the outfits that you see a few artists doing. I know it adds a level of realism to the characters, but we are talking about two blokes punching on at 1000ft+ underwater without SCUBA gear.

Saranga said...

It does look rather stiff but on the whole I think I likr it. Not much feeling of movement though.

Siskoid said...

I especially like the lighting!

Wings1295 said...

It is cool, different. Aquaman's hair throws me a bit though, reminds me of Wolverine or something! :)

Randy said...

Wasn't there an Aquaman Big-Little book in the 60s/70s era? I am almost certain there was. I have a Superman one and a Batman one.

rob! said...


Yep, its right here!

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Rob - Good call! It definitely looks like a book cover from the early 70s. I used to work in a used sci-fi bookstore. This is dead-on for the time.

Nice painting! Love the Ocean Master expression!

The Irredeemable Shag

Diabolu Frank said...

More Aquaman from John Watson:

Fusion Toys - JLA Jigsaw

Painting over Ramona Fradon

Diabolu Frank said...

I missed this one:

The Aquaman Family

wich2 said...

(Rob, when I finally caught up with that Ted White CAP novel, it really disappointed me...)

(Erik, I get your point, but I think a pinch of realism is needed when you move these character into "3-D" settings...)

Nice work! I see a bit of Alex Ross influence, and also am reminded of George Wilson's great painted covers - esp. for the PHANTOM pbs.