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Monday, June 15, 2009

The All-New Super Friends Hour: Episode 2

It's time for another episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

This episode kicks off with "Invasion of the Hydronoids", featuring Aquaman, Batman, and Robin:
In this segment, an alien race (that look a lot like the Creature From the Black Lagoon) comes to Earth to (of course) take over. They aim a machine towards the populace of Earth, turning them into mindless slaves. Also, for reasons unclear, its turns everyone's skin green.

With their ship docked underwater, its natural that Aquaman takes the first shot at the Hydronoids. But they zap him with the ray, as well:
Batman and Robin follow Aquaman underwater, but the Hydronoids have Aquaman turn on his friends. He uses his telepathic powers over sea life to order a school of various fish to attack Batman and Robin, but luckily they have decoys of themselves ready to go:
...yes, Batman and Robin carry inflatable versions of themselves in their utility belts.

They use them to distract the fish, while the real Batman and Robin sneak onto the Hydronoid's ship. They eventually defeat the alien baddies, and zap Aquaman once again, returning him to normal.

Next, Wonder Woman teaches kids how to approach dogs so they don't get bit, then the Wonder Twins star in "Hitchhike", then Superman does the first De-Coder segment.

All the Super Friends star in "City In A Bottle":
Two aliens, named Mongor and, um, Rongor, zap a city with a ray, reducing it to Kandor-sized proportions. They then put the city into a bottle, and head back into space!

When the Super Friends are told what happened by the military, they realize that the Wonder Twins were in that very city when the attack happened! The Super Friends of course decide to chase after the aliens, and they take a NASA rocket (over the strenuous protestations of a military official, a weird touch) so the rest of the Super Friends can make the trip.

They follow the aliens to their home planet, but because their ship is damaged, they land over a thousand miles away from their home base. This leads to a chase across the planet's icy surface, with the Super Friends splitting up, trying to find the aliens.

While the Wonder Twins tunnel out of the city and into the ship, Batman and Robin run into a giant monster in some frozen water. Luckily Wonder Woman and Aquaman are there to help, and Aquaman is able to communicate with the alien sea life:
...he gets them to bury the creature in chunks of ice, giving time for Batman and Robin to escape.

Eventually, the Super Friends catch up with the aliens, capture them, and return the city to its normal size and location. Whew!

Next, Aquaman appears in the Magic segment, teaching us how to break a board using just a newspaper and a stick:
Finally, Wonder Woman teams-up with Hawkman and Hawkgirl (who gets co-billing, something she rarely got even in the comics!) in "Space Emergency."

...and so ends another fun episode of
The All-New Super Friends Hour!

This episode's Aqua-Content: High


Wings1295 said...

I actually remember this episode from when I was a kid! I probably watched it a few times, but I remember it, especially the Aquaman scene of him showing how to break the board. Too funny!

chunky B said...

What!? You don't carry an inflatable version of yourself in your utility belt?

Erik the Sleeper said...

Anyone else think it's a bit kinky-dirty that Bats and Robbo carry blow up dolls of themselves? Aside from this episode, what else do they do with them? Yukky!

Now if Mera and Dolphin were to do that...

Luis said...

I just saw this episode last week because I own the DVD. And yes, what struck me the most was the inflatable version of themselves that Batman and Robin came up with. The dynamic duo have pulled some wacky things out of their utility belts but this one takes the cake! I defy anyone to come up with a wackier example.