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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spiral Notebook - 2008

...and the Aquaman stationary flood continues!

After posting several different Aqua-related stationary items in the last two weeks, I got an unexpected package from F.O.A.M. member Mark Sauter (creator of my custom Mego Black Manta doll), containing two different spiral notebooks featuring the Sea King! Wow, thanks Mark!

I have to say, I really am shocked how front and center Aquaman is on this stuff. Usually, he's relegated to the background, if he appears at all, but here he's front and center, getting just as much space as big-time movie-star Batman.

(If anyone reading this actually works on these "DC Originals" items, please drop me a line--the Shrine would love to talk to you!)


Russell said...

Ooooh....must have.....!

Every time I check my Target I find a beautiful Batman-Flash-Superman folder that if they had moved them around just a bit, could have included Artie (or Hal, for that matter). (sigh)

Wings1295 said...

I have to get to Target!

chunky B said...

Two great tastes, one great notebook!

chunky B said...

Rob, I saw a different version of this spiral notebook today, I didn't pick it up cause I thought you had it, but looking at it now it is different, still has Batman and Aquaman but different poses.

Also I have seen some merchandising paperwork that announces that the DC stock art is being branded so we might be seeing more of this classic artwork.

rob! said...


I have another one, with 4 JLAers on it, that I haven't posted yet. Is it that one? If not, then there's even more of them than I thought!

chunky B said...

The one I saw had a full pose of Batman and Aquaman, I think the one of him diving, plus their images were screened back for the background. If I see it again I'll pick it up, like I said I was sure it was the one in this post, but when I double checked it wasn't.