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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kids WB Online Graphic

This is one of a whole pile of images that are currently residing over on the Kids WB website, brought to my attention by F.O.A.M. member Joe Mello. Thanks Joe!

I'm not exactly sure what these downloadable graphics are for (as opposed to wallpapers, buddy icons, and screen savers), but they're spiffy looking nonetheless. (Interesting that the classic Aquaman logo is being used in conjunction with the JLU version of the character)

You can click here to go to the page where they have a whole bunch of these images, along with all the other stars of the WB!

Interesting note: I haven't done a thorough examination of all the site's content, but I bet these are the only nipples that appear anywhere on there.


Russell said...

I had to read that twice to see if 1. you had actually written the word NIPPLES and then 2. to figure out what you were talking about.

Good morning!!!!

Is it just me, or does this version of Aquaman remind anybody else of the Sub-Mariner?

Wings1295 said...

Glad I was able to give you some stuff for a post! It is cool, even though I wish it was the classic Aquaman.

On the Cartoon Network site, they have a Batman game generator, and one of the characters you can choose is Aquaman himself, the newer incarnation from the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon.