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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heroes of the DCU Busts Ad - 2009

This ad for the Heroes of the DC Universe line of busts, made by DC Direct, ran in the most recent issue of Toyfare.

As I've said many times before, I'm pleasantly surprised Aquaman is even included in this first batch (over, say, The Flash or Robin). The bust certainly is quite nice--I'd say it's probably the second best of the bunch--but the price tag is still keeping me from ordering it (or the Mera one).

But who knows? Maybe one day soon I'll break down and decide I can't live without it. You never know with me.


Erik the Sleeper said...


Cheer up mate! You ought to see the price of busts or any merch down here; you'd feel a whole better!!! These bloody Australian rupees aren't worth anything!!!!


Wings1295 said...

They are quite beautiful, indeed. But they price is prohibitive for most people. Maybe in a year or so they will be going for a little less on eBay. One can hope, right?

Russell said...

Rob, I'm sure you'll eventually end up with both of these. :-)

chunky B said...

Sounds like something for a Christmas list, they look good Rob.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci said...

"Second best of the bunch"?

Y'can't leave us hanging like that, Rob. Which bust do you think beats the Sea King?

I dig the Bats and GL busts but I think that the Aquaman one is the most dynamic of the bunch.

rob! said...

I think Bats is the best, in terms of a perfect summation of the character, but Aquaman's close!

As for GL, he looks like he's bursting out of a salad!