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Monday, May 25, 2009

Aquaman in French!

Yesterday we ran an Aquaman back-up story from Action Comics #528, titled Land-Masters of the Sea!" by Bob Rozakis, Alex Saviuk, and Frank Chiaramonte.

A while back, F.O.A.M. member Kyall Coulton sent me the above splash page from a French Aquaman comic, but since I hadn't gotten around to the original English version yet, I held onto it. Now we can see what the two versions look like side-by-side (sort of):
Thanks Kyall!

sgOur pal Dan Jurgens, who we did an interview with back in February, graciously just completed a second interview with me for TreasuryComics.com, this time about his work as writer and layout artist on the treasury-sized Superman/Fantastic Four book! Click here to read our talk!


Siskoid said...

New title: Vortuma the Submissive

Also, the trip now took less time than batting an eyelash, Arthur's mother is referred to as a mermaid, and his origin makes a point of having refused the throne.

Richard said...

Le Homme de Mer!

Or is that a potato? I must be thinking of something else.

Siskoid said...

RAB RAB RAB... the definite article before vowels and silent Hs is l'

So more properly: L'homme des mers (we should always count the 7 seas).

But it's Aquaman, not Seaman, so that's neither here nor there. ;)