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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

JLA Trading Cards Ad - 2009

This ad is running in the current issue of Previews, calling attention to the new Justice League of America trading card sets that are available for order elsewhere in the catalog. Nice to see Aquaman right in the center!

I'm still not sure whether I'm going to get these or not. In the listing, they showed two of the "sketch" cards, neither featured Aquaman, so that put me off a bit. (Another thing that put me off was the retail price for the binder--$25.00. Yowza!)

I think I'll buy a couple packs of these to see just what the cards look like, and go from there. Anybody else planning on picking these up?


Diabolu Frank said...

I've made a habit of using Rittenhouse Sketch Card art, which is available all over the internet, as filler material for the Manhunter blog. Some pieces are better than others, all are physically pretty rare, and I'd just assume get 'em virtually free.

Russell said...

What I used to do when DC was putting out a lot of the trading cards I wanted (uh...early 90s?), I would buy the whole box! Then I would trade/sell extra cards with friends (they would trade other cards, like Lost in Space or Star Trek, or comics). That way we all got a complete set and were able to keep the extra ones we like.

So if anybody out there wants to go "halfsies" or thirdsies or whatever on these, I'm probably in. (I only say "probably" because I'd like to see what the actual cards look like before I commit myself, ya know? haha)